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Interceptor & Attenuation Systems

Attenuation and interceptor systems are essential for any public sewer network, dramatically decreasing the risk of flooding and diverting waste water away from outflow pipes and into the necessary treatment centres. Here at the Technical Construction Group, we have our own trained crew of civil engineers and drainage experts to design, install, and maintain these sewerage systems across Liverpool, the Wirral, and Southport.

What we do

We have the tools, materials, and expertise required to deliver a variety of interceptor and attenuation solutions, including the following:

Interceptor Systems

An interceptor system is designed to transport wastewater from collector sewers and direct it towards a specific point in the sewerage system. Typically, this will be an outfall sewer, where the wastewater is disposed of or directed to a water treatment facility.

Attenuation Systems

A water attenuation system directs excess rainwater from roads, buildings, and other built infrastructure into an attenuation tank. This water storage facility reduces the risk of flooding in urban areas during heavy rainfall. We design and install attenuation systems for our clients across the North West.

Sewer Connectors and Junctions

If we are adapting or extending an existing sewer network to incorporate interceptor and attenuation systems, we need to ensure that the various tributary drainage systems are diverted to provide optimal efficiency with the new system. We provide and install a wide variety of connectors, pumps, and risers for this very purpose.

Interceptor & Attenuation System Repairs

To ensure they remain in good working order, interceptor and attenuation systems need to be regularly maintained by trained professionals. We can provide pre-planned maintenance solutions to keep the system free of clogs and blockages, or you can hire us should the system fail to provide a fast and reliable repair.

Adopted Sewers

If you have adopted a private sewer to become part of the public water network, it’s important to determine how it will affect the amount of water and waste in the system. As part of our adoptable roads and sewers package, we will perform a survey and assessment that will consider the need for further attenuation and interceptor facilities.


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