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Roads and Sewers

Public roads and sewer systems are a crucial part of any community’s infrastructure and need to be tended to by trained and experienced professionals. Here at the Technical Construction Group, we employ our own crew of trained and qualified road and sewer experts, ready to assist with all installation, repair, and maintenance work for our clients across Liverpool, the Wirral, and Southport.

What we do

We carry out a full range of road and sewer solutions, including the following:

Adoptable Roads and Sewers

Part of the responsibilities of a Local Authority or water company when adopting a private road or sewer is to ensure it is restored and maintained to an acceptable standard. If you are looking to adopt a road or sewer, our engineers can assess the site, while our team of skilled workers is on hand to perform any remedial groundwork, repairs, or resurfacing that may be required.

S106 Sewer Connections

If you are a commercial developer that has an agreement in place with the local water company to discharge your waste or standard water into the public sewers, you are required to arrange a suitable connection pursuant to Section 106 of the Water Industry Act (1991). At the Technical Construction Group, we design, supply, and install these connections to meet all regulatory and legal standards.

Road Installation, Repair, and Resurfacing

We work on private and public roads alike, providing a wide variety of services to our clients. Whether you need us to install a vehicle access road for your development site, repair a private road through your grounds, or resurface a public street, you can rely on us to perform the job quickly and efficiently.

Sewer Installation and Repair

The public sewer system is in constant need of maintenance and repair, and we can help you with the job. We have worked on sewer repair projects of varying complexity over the years and promise first-class service every time. We also design and install new sewer extensions when needed, as well as fitting the appropriate connections on new-build properties.

Pumping Stations

Depending on the lay of the land, some sewer systems require pumping stations to move waste water where gravity alone is not sufficient. We can install or repair pumping systems both on private land and as part of the public sewer network. Our engineers will design the most effective pumping station solution to be installed by our experienced team.


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