About This Project

Technical Construction Group are proud sponsors of two football teams, Warner Blues under 16’s who we have sponsored for five seasons and AZ Woolton under 10’s who recently won their first tournament.


We are also proud to make regular donations to SOVINI Charities towards there work with local communities.


“I just wanted to get in touch quickly to thank you again so much for your kind donation to our Coronation Party in Derby Park. Over 3.5k people attended the event, 200 picnic lunches were served to local families in need, and over £6m was generated in social value according to the HACT social value calculator. None of this would have been possible without your support. Thank you again so much for your donation. Your support was appreciated by so many!”
Shanna Woolsey, Stakeholder Engagement Officer| Stakeholder Engagement | The Sovini Group


“Thank you again for your very generous and kind donations to our Christmas Appeal”
Debbie Parry, Contract Support Manager – Sovini Construction – The Sovini Group